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About Us

We take many journeys in life, and saying goodbye to someone we love is often the most difficult. When Penny, the founder of Enlighten Memorial, and her husband Paul both lost their fathers in the same year, they embarked on a difficult journey. Discovering meager comfort in existing resources, they were determined to create their own resolution and took the initiative to build something new. With the support of their family, Enlighten Memorial was founded: a platform built on love, respect, and the desire to honor lost loved ones, welcoming everyone who carries the weight of loss.


Crafting Legacies with Enlighten Memorial

For those preplanning a memorial, we’re honored you’ve chosen us to celebrate a legacy. Enlighten Memorial, a multigenerational family company, provides an online sanctuary for life remembrance. Our goal is to support you by offering a common space for family, friends, and neighbors to contribute to your loved one’s legacy through our innovative Lifetime Legacy Package.

Personalize Tributes with Ease

During challenging times, composing an obituary can be overwhelming. Our obituary creator, a thoughtful guide, walks you through a series of questions, capturing the essence of your loved one in a beautifully personalized tribute. Whether you prefer a private memorial or sharing with a chosen circle, we provide options to suit your needs.

Pre-Planning Your Legacy

Embark on a unique journey with our pre-planning option. Design and leave behind a memorial for your next of kin to finalize when the time comes. Build a timeless tribute where your story lives on, your laughter echoes, and your memory shines bright. Enlighten Memorial allows you to create a lasting legacy beyond time and loss.

Embracing Lifelong Legacies

For those wishing to commemorate a loved one from years past, our Lifetime Legacy Package extends a comforting embrace. Share cherished memories, photos, and heartfelt tributes. Create a virtual haven where loved ones can gather, share in grief, and celebrate life. Let your loved one’s legacy resonate for generations to come.


Honor Your Loved Ones

Create an Enlighten Memorial to remember and celebrate your loved one’s legacy.